Dear Nii Kpakpo, 

Chale I’m hearing stuff around and it’s pretty disturbing. This is not any different from our African nature of having PhDs especially when we’re not involved in something or we are not the executors.

You’re wondering what the heck I’m talking about. At least you should know I’m not talking about the academic PhD but rather the Pull Him Down syndrome we have as Africans.

Kpakpo it is this attitude we have as a people usually Africans to pull each other down when things are going well for our fellow men or humans. I know this is not new to anybody reading this because we have either participated in it or been victims of it. You’re doing something you think will benefit the larger community and some key people that you rely on wont come through for you with a certain aspect so you can get a bad name (usually with funded or sponsored projects) and then they try to salvage the situation and take the credit for it.

Several times when it has happened to me I haven’t bothered because at the end of the day I have benefited from the association to that project or even when I haven’t, the target group has and that’s where I have drawn my satisfaction.

Nii Kpakpo I’m sure you’re wondering again what triggered this article. I visited a home backyard livestock farm with a friend and seeing how this friend was asking me to use my social media to promote his friend’s business I was impressed. Furthermore, said friend was buying from this man to go start his own livestock farm in his backyard.

See the trend? This is selfless and gradually everybody stops depending on the other and the standard of living of the community improves.

Now to my main worry about what I’m hearing. Anyemi there are rumors that the local breeders of guinea fowls sabotaged the operations of the government SADA Guinea fowl growing project. I’ve heard this rumor but didn’t pay much heed to it until today.

Nii Kpakpo Thompson would you believe that the SADA project was to buy the local eggs from the farmers for the project but then due to lack of proper education the farmers believed that the government was trying to render them redundant and collapse their business so they protected themselves by boiling the eggs they sold to the government agents. What this did was to ensure that the eggs could never be properly incubated and hatched for the government project to take off. So government had all the equipment sitting there to start a lucrative project to benefit the whole region but for lack of proper orientation, project couldn’t take off because local farmers thought they were going to be rendered redundant.


Anyemi! This is just a rumor but then what if it is true and knowing our kinda systems up here and our kinda attitudes anything is possible. For us to develop as a people we need to be each other’s keepers and go back to our communal systems where we even cared about future generations yet unborn.

Well I’ve said my piece and I just lid in wait to see where we are headed to. Lemme end here and sleep with my shock at just how callous we can be at some things.

Till I write to you again I still remain

Your Cousin in law
Savannah Boy


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