Royal Badminton Club

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

Every time I think I know whats happening in this our town I get bamboozled by the kinda events that happen in town most I don’t even hear of. Just recently I made some new friends and after four years in this town they opened up a whole new aspect of the town to me.

Kpakpo social media is really making things happen everywhere and it indeed gets results. I’ve been friends with a dude on a Whatsapp group for close to two years and it was on the group chat that I got to know he had been in town for over a year. We decided to meet up and he introduced me to his circle of friends and acquaintances.

Remember sometime back I told you how social events unfold that people practically stay indoors and only more out to social hangouts when they know some other people as gonna be there.  The fun of being a social being is that you never get bored because every time a group is “sitting” you know and you’re invited.

Nii  Kpakpo, having been in town for this long there are still some social groups I’m yet to break into so meeting this dude and getting to meet his social group was a bonus. The interesting thing about this group was that they are fitness freaks and the group met because they’re all members of the main sports gym in Tamale which is the Tamale Sports Stadium Gym. Anybody that comes to town and corporate and needs to exercise ends up at that gym and there are events organized by the various clubs within the gym too to make members socialize. For some people this is their only socialization in the town.

Dear Kpakpo I keep telling you that Tamale is arguably the fastest developing town in Ghana and sometimes the rate of growth in getting at par with Accra is shocking. This is especially true with more people from Accra relocating up north so the need for the social amenities to match what exists in the south.

So I find myself attending parties and just hangouts with “big men” some movers and shakers in town and would you believe I discovered there is a badminton club in Tamale. As at the time of writing there is a tournament organized by Badminton clubs of the three regions hosted in Tamale and I’m enjoying the game.

Nii Kpakpo Thompson what most people don’t know is that I learnt to play badminton even before I learnt to play soccer. Badminton is my first ever sport and watching this tournament makes me realize that I need to make a comeback to the sport.

Having met the members of the Tamale Royal Badminton club and expressed interest in joining, they have given me the conditions of becoming a member and don’t be surprised to see me in some leotards either in the gym or representing Tamale in some badminton event nationwide.

Chale, on that note you should know that very soon we wont be coming to Accra for anything unless to visit family and friends. It is gradually becoming expensive to head down south anyway with the way the economy is going now but hey life still goes on.

Nii Kpakpo, Congrats on your own television show and I know we have just been handed another medium to do community and social advocacy.  Will come visit you in the studio when I’m invited.

Till I write my next missive I still remain

Your Cousin in Law,
Savannah Boy


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