Sins and Rains

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

It is June again and like clockwork the gods of your homeland are taking a communal bath and yo traditional chiefs and even the best mayor in the world are really clueless as to how to deal with these annual communal baths of the gods.

Every year in June Accra is held to ransom by rain flood waters that lead to displacement of people, loss of lives and property and a myriad of other inconveniences to the inhabitants especially the migrant community and workers who live mostly on the streets and in the slums. Oh! And they are mostly from us here in the savanna.

Kpakpo come to think of it, those people are sleeping standing on their feet meanwhile their homes here have not seen even a drop me rain and family members are sleeping “latiiee” and snoring like the new Ghana Railways trains.  I love the latest Mugabe quote that says that “the next thing to buy go Accra when you get a job is a boat or a canoe.” With the rate at which Accra is flooding this is very true since you never know where or when the flood waters will get to a place where you have to cross via boat or canoe.

Nii Kpakpo, Mugabe also says that if we had any sense as Ghanaians we would move the Akosombo dam to circle since there are volumes of water that we could use to generate electricity. But ain’t that just the irony that the flooding is needed upstream of the dam in the northern regions of the country but rather the rainfall is concentrated downstream of the dam and causing havoc in communities.

So I was in the capital and almost every day it was raining and messed up almost every plan and meetings scheduled. The rain in the capital makes it difficult to move around so I run away from the cold wet and rainy capital only to come back to the real savanna – dry and warm.

Nii Kpakpo Thompson this place is very different from what is going on in Accra and some people attribute it to the cumulative sins of the people living in the savanna. It is a relatively calm place but gradually i am getting to realize that indeed things go on behind closed doors. Considering that when the people hear thunder and see cloudy skies they start running for shelter and everybody wants to be in the comfort of their homes makes me believe this to be true. But then, this is the time for Ramadan and therefore time for consecration to God and asking for forgiveness of sins from Allah. We only pray that our duas will be heard and Allah the Merciful continue to shower his blessings on us to give us rains for our sustenance and our crops.

Anyemi lemme end this letter here and will keep you posted on developments as they happen up here.

Till I write to you again I still remain

Your Cousin in-law
Savannah Boy


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