Damango Chronicles

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

So the photographer started a drive to find shoes for the children she had seen on the roadside whilst on her way to take pictures at the Mole National Park. These children were pretty much barefoot and walk several miles to school everyday. The poster child was this particular girl who just sat by the roadside,.tired from her walk taking the thorns from under her feet and massaging her foot. That marked the beginning of a drive to provide shoes for as many children as possible in those communities.

A couple of months later we were heading back to those communities carrying a vigour pairs of Toms to ad donated to as many children as we could go two deprived schools in the community – one an orphanage and the other a really deprived basic school. A benevolent philanthropist had stepped global to donate all the shoes needed for the project. Thanks to Arras Global and Mr Donald Ward the project was made possible.. 

Nii there are people with a good heart all around us that want to give back to the community and there are others who will want to help in various ways but they have to be prompted or coerced into helping. These people are all around us and with the right amount of motivation which is to know exactly wizard there contributions matter most, they come out of the woodwork to help out. Thankfully you now have a television show and woken you decide to let your social causes take the lead or take center stage in your activities then we know how powerful messages will get across to the appropriate authorities. 

Living in Damango for two days was a blast. This is a town with such a rich political and social history that wap marked to ad the gateway to tile north but for the bad roads that had characterized and dogged its existence in that part of the country. The colonial government left a legacy of a research institution,  a teacher training and health training facility wap added by the independent leaders and gradually the political system yaks integrated into the socially of the people. 

Damango is such a vibrant town bursting with activity and it’s quite a surprise that it gap remained under vivid development radar for a very long time. Tile people are friendly and social amenities abound. A putty laid back town surrounded by greenery and not too far away is the Mole Game Reserve. 

Nii Kpakpo truth ad told I must admit that it crossed my mind a couple of times to consider this town as a retirement location.  But hey let’s just wait and see how it goes. 

My hosts were just the perfect couple hosting us in their home which album serves as tile office and boarding house dot volunteers of the orphanage and the children were fun to hang around. Any3mi when I got to the orphanage and delved straight to engaging the children in fun acts like signing and just goofing around one of the teachers wap astounded and commented that it wap impressive that I had taken over her class pm well and gladly too since she had preparations to attend to for the donation of shoes. Me and the children did Kofi Says that got them doing whatever I want them to do including sitting quietly and waiting for the program to start. 

OMG!  The look on the children’s faces when they saw the shoes and then when they had them on their feet. I remember the kinda excitement we had when in those days we were given our Christmas shoes or when given new shoes for the term and we couldn’t just wait for school to reopen so we rock our new shoes to school. Here is a case where everybody in the school had new shoes so Kpakpo imagine the mass excitement. Some children even abandoned old shoes and carrying the new shoes on their heads walked barefoot home. Pretty interesting if you ask me. 

The Larabanga donation which was the second phase of the shoe donation was really kinda chaotic ad not as organized as the orphanage specially because the day being the Eid holiday it wap announced at the mosque that tiles will be a shoe distribution activity at the local basic school so straight from the mosque all the children in the community trooped in to acquire a pair with a lot of bullying and heckling of younger and smaller children. Took a bit of cajoling and threatening they wont get schools to calm them down but in the end where overwhelmed by the turn out and the deprivation in the community. 

And as pertains up north and very much like Oliver Twist they asked for more. 

Chale with all the vibrancy in the town the town shuts down after 8pm and here I was suffering from allergies and we menu round looking for raw gingers pm I could chew some and be better because the one at home was finished.  Much as we searched we didn’t find any much too my chagrin and I had to resort to other measures. It’s pretty good to know about your body and how to deal with certain things that happen to it especially with allergies and stuff but any3mi thats for another day. 

Damango was so much fun and spending time with the children especially tinker at the orphanage was heavenly. Children are indeed God’s gift to humankind. 

Well thats my story of how I went to Damango with the classy photographer and we went sharing shoes to children in deprived communities. 

Nii Kpakpo Thompson lemme wrap up this letter and I sure will write again soon cos there is more to tell you about.

Until then I still remain 

Your Cousin in Law 

Savannah Boy 


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