The New Accra 

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

I’m writing this letter based on some submissions made in my office on a discussion that was held when two of the co staff visited Accra for a few days. Ataa Nii they realized that I wasn’t moved by what they were saying with regards to the structural changes in the capital mainly because half the time I’m in the city. 

“Boss! When you get down at circle huh! The whole place has changed and looks very different .that overheads (sic) bridge when they finish it will be seriously beautiful.”

“But life is Accra is very hard paa oh! Transport fares are killer and the standard of living is pretty high. There is a new toilet at Nima that is private and they collect 2 Ghana. Boss in every toilet there is a fan. Why would I go pay 2 Ghana just to shit under a fan when up here I can do it in open air for free. Life in Accra huh . Hmm”

Nii Kpakpo from just these two comments you can see how different life is in the capital as opposed to the north. I’ve been telling you all these years that people come up north and when they live up north for a while and don’t wanna go back south.  It is easier to live up here in relative calmness and the rumors about the north being volatile are not wholly true. The traffic situation and the general atmosphere in the north is very different from the capital.  

The infrastructure of the capital is truly profound and thisI  believe is in line with the capital getting to a millennium city.  I myself got down at the airport and on the drive through the city the high rise buildings and luxury apartments that are in construction, coupled with the infrastructures of social amenities like supermarkets and shops dotted all ovens to provide the needs of the growing affluent society couldn’t be overlooked. 

Nii Kpakpo Thompson this is am election year and the office is dominated by political and development discussions and it’s interesting to interact with some of these dyed in the wool party activists.  Life in the savanna goes on and we all truly hope to maintain the peace have enjoyed over the years. 

Anyemi what is it I hear about Monforfor falling in love and getting hitched once again. Chale! Good news paa oh and stop the free free one week stands. 

Been following your show – Friday Night with Nii Kpakpo Thompson on ViaSat One – keenly and I like especially the part where you try to out sing the professional singers. Love the interviews too. Very educative and entertaining. Kudos! Keep it up! 

Well lemme end here with this quote about buying food in Accra : “Boss as for the food na waa oh? The koko that we buy for 30p hard if Tamale is one Ghana in Accra . Accra people are trying paa oh!”

Till I write to you again I still remain 

Your Cousin in Law 

Savannah Boy 


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