Savannah Detractors

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

it’s been so long since i wrote u a missive. every time i sit behind a pc to write anything to you something crops up to distract me and the letter never gets done and it is to this effect that i have sooo many drafts on my various gadgets that i even lost count. i should just sit down on my hairy butt and just complete all the articles. what that also means is that you are gonna have a lot to read.

but why as for today I’m writing is that i am so pissed at some events that have happened instigated by a celebrity who hails from here and i thought will know better. granted some of these celebrities don’t handle their own media releases but this was so crass that it pissed a lot of people off up here especially since it had to do with the entertainment industry.

Nii Kpakpo the entertainment industry here has been rife with scandals lately when a sub chief, a former British born army officer who relocated home to Tamale said on a radio show that he ‘had cleared’ half the girls in the town. A quick investigation revealed that when he resigned his commission in the British army he brought a lot of money to town and embarked on a splurge. As is typical everywhere, women were always around him. But he had plans for youth and entertainment in the town so the chiefs made him a Jema Na,  a sub chief in charge of youth and entertainment.

any3mi! so Samini was supposed to have a Salafest party up north and being as big as he is he would easily have gotten massive support if he had done his homework well and realized that since this is his hometown, we welcome our own with open arms. however, the Samini Salafest show was planned with virtually little or no publicity on the ground.  it was as if he was in town on a relaxation visit and then all of a sudden decided to do a show because he was spotted in town a few days earlier in the company of Kofi Kenata, Jupita and  Kaakie just chilling at local hangouts. then all of a sudden he was at some radio stations announcing he was doing a show 2days to the event.

chale! with such events you know that people plan ahead and with the vibrancy of the music industry especially in Tamale, inasmuch as you are from here you cant just add to the already volatile turf dominance that we have here with regards to the music. to this effect only very few people were even aware there was even gonna be a Samini concert.

so what did he expect?

then we got hit with this: “We have cancelled the show because of some reported gunshots fired in the city during the early hours of the evening and considering the fact that we are in election year, we wouldn’t want to go ahead with the show because we picked up intelligence that , the rampant gunshots which was heard during the early hours of the evening was most likely to be transferred to the event grounds. Samini for some years now has been a strong advocate of Violent free election and wouldn’t want his name/brand to be cited in any related violence.” The source stated categorically.”


Nii KpakpoThompson! it is festival time and even in Ga mashie the firing of muskets by chiefs and asafo groups is pretty normal. The potrayal of Tamale as a violent place is quickly outliving it’s relevance and uselessness because there are people like me who live here and will put the stories right and that is exactly what i’m doing.

on every occasion guns and muskets are fired in all areas and this causes no harm to anybody. from wherever they picked up the intelligence that the gunshots, albeit rampant, would likely be transferred to the concert grounds is onto themselves. check out all the letters i sent you about all the festivals and even with regards to the enskinment of chief and you realize the gunshots herald every major event. unless they want to tell me the eve of the new year of the muslim calendar is nor a major event.

organizers should have just owned up that the concert was a flop but well i guess they thought Samini is too big a brand bigger than his homestead. really?

Kpakpo sometimes i am ashamed to admit that inasmuch as some of us are trying so hard to portray the savannah as habitable, others are making themselves sambalats to this cause. One time a friend had to visit Tamale from Canada and you should hear some of the questions she had to field off before she could get parental approval to come. these stories go a long way as projecting the region as a very unstable community ready to erupt at any time. the savannah is so portrayed as backward with such stories that another British friend asked me if there were any ATMs in the region. all these people are swayed when they visit and always carry the stories back of how it is not true what they read and hear about the savannah.

well, i am pissed enough as it is but i have said my piece. i know you would just read and laugh over this or just decide to take the man himself on during the entertainment segment of your show but please gimme a heads up when you decide the latter cos i wanna hear what he has to say.

anyways, it’s so good to be writing back to you and your sister is doing pretty well. we were in Accra for a month for health reasons but you know our heart now lies in the savannah.

until next time, keep being you.

i still remain

your cousin in law

Savannah Boy


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