Ayalolo Buses

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

how have you been my brother. lately my letters to you have been far apart and it is really not about not having anything to tell you but i have been feeling lazy lately. forgive me!

recently i was on leave in the capital and observed how much the city centre has changed. chale when the former nkrumah circle interchange is done will the place still be called nkrumah circle? i was really wondering because there will be no circle there anymore but an imposing interchange of a labyrinth of roads.

anyways what do i know?

Kpakpo you know in the main city centres in the savannah we dont really have trotros that take us to and fro like you guys have in the south. the only semblance of trotros that we have are minivans that do inter towns and not within the same town like you can take from circle to osu or from madina to kaneshie. the closest you will get will be from tamale to savelugu or from damango to tamale and as for the tamale to salaga buses they always remind me of the circle to agege benz buses but the savanna ones are more rickety so you can imagine taking a four hour journey in one of those to the next town.

the transport system they say has improved in recent years true but only in the southern towns if you ask me. the road network in the savannah has tremendously improved but the transport still needs lots of work to be done. but who is to blame when even though the roads have been cut out they are not well maintained and as such only the rickety cars can ply them. nobody wants to put their buses on roads that will only increase their operating cost since the buses will have to be undergoing constant maintenance.

anyemi i am getting too technical. lemme just go to the issue at hand.

on my recent visit to the capital i heard that there was a project to do a citywide transport system that was to be modeled on some of the bus route systems in the west. very laudable idea and i am honestly hoping it works out. as i am writing this letter today is the day that the system is going to be officially rolled out to the public and i wish i was in the capital to be one of the first to just ‘enjoy’ a ride and i wont be going anywhere in particular.

Nii Kpakpo, the buses have been named Ayalolo and when i heard the name i had to laugh at the significance. you know it means we are still going in ga and reminds me of the erstwhile osofo dadzie song ”we are going, heaven knows where we are going, we know will…” i pray that with our maintenance culture in this country these buses keep going and not send too many people to heaven on short notice.

Kpakpo i found it pretty amusing that when journalists were summoned to test drive or is it test ride the Ayalolo buses, they chose to focus on the buses outward appearance and even though the buses had number plates it was pointed out that the buses weren’t insured. not that insurance is not needed but i thought as journalists at least some of them will point out some of the other features that were purported to be on the bus such as each bus fitted with free WiFi and also USB ports for passengers. have not heard anything about any of that so far since every agency is commenting on how it will ease the traffic congestion in the city.

Nii Kpakpo Thompson, as for me i intend to ride on one of the buses before i head back to the savanna. interestingly i have ridden in any of the presidential buses both in the capital and the savanna but i’m sure the opportunity will present itself soon. i have been told of how comfy they are but ive been a bit skeptic especially for the savanna rides.

anyways lemme take a ride and come tell you how it feels.

till i write to you again i still remain

your cousin in law,

savannah boy


















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