Dear Nii Kpakpo,
it has been so long since i wrote you a letter but some events as usual have precipitated me write yet another missive. we have been well here and as you know being an election year, we are feeding on electoral promises and you know for  sure very soon our stomachs will become bloated. talking of stomachs you should see mine now. i am pretty sure i can soon be in a gubernatorial race with that your deejay banker cousin whose own now i see on television hidden behind punditorial tables. chai! that stomach i am sure can be seen from the moon. i pray i don’t get there.
anyemi! that our uncle Ebo Whyte is doing well paa oh. his plays have allowed some of us to enjoy the throwbacks of yesteryears in the university when if we wanted to toast a girl we opened up a new world to her by not taking her to a spot but to the Efua Sutherland drama studio. oh! those were the days we had protocol status there due to our frequency in the place. you miss one and everybody just knew you were off campus.
but recently i am happy to see that there are playwrights determined not to let the tradition of staged drama disappear with Ebo Whyte and Latif Abubakar as the Generals in that charge and several young playwrights coming up. watch out for one Christabel Badzi.
Nii Kpakpo we in the supposed hinterlands have always complained about the centrality of these plays in Accra and Kumasi thus leaving us out of the picture or should i say offstage when the plays come out and i am glad that recently some of the plays have been on road tours and now come to us. our uncle Ebo Whyte tries in that regard paa but the last time he was here in the savanna oboy was in the traffic laden and overcrowded Bearded Man City furious for not being here to see it. so this time when i heard that they were coming back with a play with the title of one of my favorite snacks, bananas and groundnuts, come see ahuprepre(anxiety) and determination that i wasn’t gonna miss this one and oh boy what a play.
Nii Kpakpo Thompson, this our uncle Ebo has an uncanny way of enthralling the audience to his plays that makes one kinda want more even at the end of the play. even to the untrained eye, his plays evoke emotions that are so mixed and varied and if you are in the audience and you an sit quietly to the end and not display any emotion then you deserve to be one of those palace guards in Buckingham Square or we could just make you a statue at the Flagstaff House. sometime whilst the play was going on i turned to look at my friend Obed who is shorter than i am bent to one side looking over my shoulder and since i was seated in front of him assumed i was blocking his view only for him to tell me that his ribs were aching literally. Kpakpo this is one cool dude who wasn’t laughing as hard as i was getting out of my seat and literally rolling on the floor.
Chale another thing that you always take away from a stage play are the lessons in life. stage plays have a way of giving you a reality check of a kind that even documentary movies on a particular subject wont give. our uncle Ebo never fails on that and has maintained the quality of his plays. one friend of mine in the savanna was kinda grumbling about how expensive the tickets cost and i tried to no avail to express how expensive it was to go on a road show and how important it was for our uncle to maintain his audience, the kind of people that actually love theatre and will pay to watch one of such a high quality.
Nii Kpakpo, oh we ate the Bananas and Groundnuts heartily with side dish of popcorn and pure water coupled with plenty snide remarks as the play went on. it was really a night of pure fun and maybe i will tell you later of the pub hopping and the after party that always follow such events. well, you know after that fruity drama we needed proper food so went for ga kenkey and some returnee borga ‘ah confirm’.
Kpakpo now we hear Latif will also be on his way with his latest and truly We Cant Think Far in these times.
Anyemi lemme end here and you know you should expect a letter on the political campaigning up here in the savanna. pretty interesting promises.

until then i still remain
Your Cousin in Law,
Savannah Boy


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