The Impressionist

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

so i had to attend a meeting in town with regards to my previous letter when i said we were setting up a travel company to help inculcate cultural heritage and tourism back into the country. i left the office with a colleague who dropped me off in town and since i was quire early for the meeting i decided to trek to the venue. the walk to the venue from the Tigo office in Tamale to the Yamusa building at Waterworks, Choggu, in Accra mileage will be like walking from Joy Fm to GBC

so Kpakpo here i was walking by the roadside having an interesting conversation with myself. you know walking usually enhances my thinking capabilities and is good for me to clear my head with issues here and there that are on my mind and bothering me. being hungry i bought fried yam to eat and i just trudged on to my destination.

anyemi, all of a sudden one dude walks past me dressed in all white and i could not make out whether he was a trainee nurse of from the School of Hygiene or just a hairdressing apprentice (these days you cant even tell) and he just kept looking behind him and strutting in front of me like he was better than me talking on his sophisticated cell phone. i found it pretty amusing  that i thought this guy was trying to impress me or anybody along the street. then he had to make a detour and in his haste to turn he tripped and nearly fell.

oh my! i had a good laugh at his demise.

Nii Kpakpo but that singular act set me thinking about myself. here i was just eating my yam, minding my own business, walking streetside in this 38 degree savanna heat, and some random dude is trying to show off to me or impress me. what did i do?  one great thing i love about my stay in Tamale is my anonymity, albeit fast eroding, which is bliss. i could not have done this long walk in Accra without somebody shouting my name from a passing vehicle. here i was a grown balding man eating fried yam in a polythene bag and backpack hiking to a meeting in twenty minutes and who should i bother to impress but myself.

Nii Kpakpo suffice it to say i got to the meeting feeling all bubbly and drank three sachets of pure water before i could even say hello to anybody  and ironically that was even an ice breaker to a successful meeting. the transport company is on board our project and oh i even managed to write  you a letter afterwards in my excitement.

so you see, sometimes we do not have anybody to impress but ourselves and life goes on.

till i write to you again,

i still remain

your cousin in law

savannah boy..


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