Proverbial Lessons 

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

So I was riding pillion on a motorbike and my driver went past another and spoke some taunting words in Dagbani to the other, an older man who just looked aloof and kept riding straight on. 

Further on my driver stopped and waited for the other man we had passed down the road to ride up and he flagged him down and greeted him explaining to me that that this was his uncle. 

When the other man reached us he was wondering why we had stopped him even after saying something to him on the road. 
Kpakpo, then my driver mentioned his uncle’s traditional name and recognition set in. Then pleasantries started followed by a conversation. This was a conversation like any other between two relatives anywhere in Ghana checking up on everybody in the family. I hear in their greetings our brothers from across the bridge will even ask about the cup that was used to serve them water the last time they visited the family house. Lol 

However the uncle said a proverb that has stayed with me that precipitated this letter to you.  He said that he didn’t respond to our first taunt on the road because “when you wake up in the morning and a chicken chases you without provocation, then you just have to run because it might have developed teeth overnight”.

Anyemi, indeed I was really blown away by this proverb and how it ties into the perception that northerners do not run away from a confrontation. Such proverbial sayings indicate that there are times when you just have to walk away from a conflict just so you can save your life.. 

Indeed lots of lessons to be learnt from our oral traditions.. 

Kpakpo, as for me life in itself is a whole university and I’m in class everyday no truancy. 

Until I write another missive, let’s just keep upgrading ourselves in this school of life. 

I still remain 

Your Cousin in Law, 

Savannah Boy 


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