crazy weekends

Dear Nii Kpakpo,

This is the month of love and interestingly the love going around is just like a rose growing in a thistle field. well, that is the way i feel and this love is very hard love where people are showing love but then there are so much conditionalities to the love portions. but how for do. we will take it like that.

Kpakpo as for me you know my love for the children and your cousin is unconditional and that is why when i was dared to write love poems a week prior to the day of the chocolate love feast, i did not participate but on the day of the feast i had to write ten love epistles with accompanying music from YouTube to celebrate her and what she means to me.

Chale the gal says she will marry me again on our anniversary oh.. Eish! isn’t she tired of being with this rubble rouser for this long?

Well, the third edition of the AYWO Read Write clinic started at the weekend and i was there as usual to make the thirty participating children know what they were gonna be expecting in the sixteen weeks of the clinic and what we expect from them at the end. This year it is bigger and expanded because you know my boss Portia is now a Mandela Washington Fellow and as such has secured some online classroom video interactions with schools in the USA and even the venue is now the ultra modern Hop In Academy, the only entrepreneurial hub incubator in the northern region. This is to let the children have access to the latest trends in computer technology and also benefit from interacting with young entrepreneurs in addition to the volunteers that come over to help in the clinic.

This is a bigger and better package and we hope to replicate it in other areas. We really hope the clinic model will be the standard for other clinics set up anywhere else up north and in the whole country.

The local athletics association in Ghana also held athletics meet at the Tamale sports stadium and it was interesting to go watch. you know i used to run the marathon and long distance meters on the tracks and watching these young ones and a few veterans who are now coaches, gave me nostalgic memories.

Nii, I however have a problem with how these circuit sports events are organized. We have placed all our eggs in the football basket and even though in other sports we have some very talented sportsmen and women we wont give them attention and when they are fed up and struggle to go abroad and naturalize for other countries then we go claiming that they are home grown.

Anyemi! they are lucky i’m using me fingers to type this letter to you otherwise i would have given a very heartfelt Chorkor Thumps Up to these officials at the sports ministry.

Imagine the story of Margaret Simson or whatever her name is who qualified to go for the Olympics but living in Kumasi had to go to Accra to catch a flight to the event but due to lack of funds had to take a bus from home to Accra. however though the official that was to accompany her also living in Kumasi rather flew to Accra to catch a flight out of the country  for that same event. The cheek of it!

Whenever i  hear such stories of officials getting fat off sports people i go livid and reminds me of my days of bilateral games in the university when we traveled usually to Nigeria.Then i’m also reminded of the disgrace with the Golden Goose Black Stars as we were held to ransom to fly their bonuses to them against some aluta.

But that slap though. well deserved and handed down properly by a left footed winger. i am sure the slap was an in swinger with a deep curvature on it and would have probably knocked the official off his feet. That kinda slap takes you two minutes to realign your jaw and get your voice back – even more vehemently to avoid disgrace.

Kpakpo, the Scrabble club got bigger  and with more people getting interested we have acquired more boards. Now there is chess and even cards although the latter isn’t played often – just a one time when some people requested for it. We have now relocated from the VRA Club house to the new headquarters of the Northern Command officers mess known as the Eagles Mess. Cooler and much more serene atmosphere for the elitist club that we are.

Last weekend i was in Wa for a departmental Barcamp and i had to mentor 83 students and only 12 were male. Honestly, the students made me feel like i wanted to go back to school and belong to a class like that. Intelligent and beautiful women, a mixture of beauty and brains packed in one room for over six hours. This was bliss i tell you just giving a lecture and interacting on the topic of Using Social Media for Effective Communication.

Kpakpo, i think i have cut down too much on my traveling up north and i intend to pick it up after March. There are more places i have only heard about but not been yet and i feel bad every time i hear the place names. My new office and new role should enable me to see these places but this new office too and its own wahala. That is a story for another day.

Anyemi! i have been typing on the office pc and i have taken over two hours because as the new member in the office everybody comes to bully me off it and uses it and i can only use it when i’m done. Let me wrap up this story here and i will get back to you when my gadgets get into better conditions.

Nii Kpakpo Thompson, independence i coming again oh and we are rehearsing in the 38 degree heat practicing for marching past on the D day. As for me, i am headed your way to come and eat kenkey at Kenkey Festival 2017 at the same venue at Mantse Agbona on March 4, under the shadow of the lighthouse. Hope to see you there this time too against a plate of fried shrimps.

Ba ni wor ye komi!

Until i write to you again, i still remain

Your Cousin in Law

Savannah Boy .