Eastern Veranda 

Dear Nii Kpakpo,&

I am finally home in the old estate house of the fine London woman that your sister and I rent behind the classy Gariba Lodge. You should’ve seen the relief on my face when I put the key in the lock and it opened and then I remembered that that part of the roof that was leaking wasn’t fixed so I rushed to the room to check the flooding level. Not that it would’ve mattered considering the rivers I’ve had to cross to get home. But to my utter relief it was pretty cool.

Then I put my bag down and remembered that I had put the meter off since we weren’t at home. I go out to put the meter on and one of the readouts is 419.13.Anyemi I have no idea what that contraption is saying half the time and maybe since it’s made in China you can ask your Ghacem ad co partner for me what exactly it means.

After I put the meter on I proceed to take off ALL of my clothes I’m wearing. I didn’t even wait to check what I look like in the mirror and take photos. I can feel what I look like and trust me it’s the way we looked when after school in primary school we didn’t come home straight but indulged in the small poles at the football field whilst the local team trained. The look that mommy looked at you and gave you canes seemingly according to the Omo that was going to be used to wash your school uniform. Sometimes even patch it.

Nii Kpakpo I then walk barefoot to the bathroom (please don’t tell your sister this) and proceed to pour a whole bucket of water on myself. Chale I think I must’ve used half a pail of that sweet scented “alata samla” your other cousin Oko at Newmont makes. When I checked the dirt on the walls I thought I’d just probably scrubbed a mangy stray dog clean.

But Kpakpo, thank God I’m home. Like I told you in the note, that Eastern veranda isn’t even fit to rear a monkey and I’m surprised nobody has taken it up. A journey that should be just about three hours al thing being equal, takes 12 hours all things being unequal.

Lemme get some rest and I hope I can tell you all about it. I told you I have stories to tell huh.

Well the stories are plenty and I will tell you all.

God willing when I’m rested enough I’ll write to you.

Until then I still remain

Your Cousin in Law
Savanna Boy